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June 27, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 3416 DotGov, Entertainment, Television

Russell Brand on Fox News: A ‘Fanatical Terrorist Propagandist Organization’

Russel Brand is at it again putting mainstream media in their place. Remember last year’s Morning Joe incident on MSNBC?

Brand specifically picked on “Justice” Judge Jeanine Pirro for her terrorist-like rants by showing a clip of her yelling “bomb them, bomb them, bomb them” into a camera. He points out that her hatred toward the terrorist group ISIS is no different than the terrorist threats handed out by ISIS themselves.

In his latest Youtube episode, he continues to bash Fox News by calling them a “fanatical terrorist propagandist organization”. With Brand’s large internet following, this is quite a bold move. But, we can’t disagree with him completely.

Fox News anchors for The Five, retaliate calling Brand a “political provocateur”. Co-host Greg Gutfield states:

“If Brand feels that ISIS is harmless, he should go there and hang out with them. They would behead him faster than you can say Arthur.”

The most annoying thing about Fox News’ little comeback is that Brand never stated he was pro-ISIS, nor defended them although the anchors at The Five seem to think Brand is team ISIS. Who is the REAL political provacateur here? It looks like Brand wins again (and not just with his good genes).

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